Maxillary sinus surgeries

Operations of maxillary sinus using Caldwell-Luc method

This is a procedure in the field of otolaryngology and maxillofacial surgery. It involves an extranasal opening of the maxillary sinus through the canine fossa. The procedure is included to the invasive methods of treatment of chronic maxillary sinusitises.

Indications for operation

Operation is always commissioned by a physician, after collecting a detailed history and performing detailed examinations. Sometimes the Caldwell-Luc method is the ultimate solution when other methods, e.g. pharmacological ones, do not bring satisfactory results.

The most common indications for operation include:

  • chronic maxillary sinusitis of purulent origin
  • minor nodules
  • foreign bodies located in the maxillary sinus
  • odontogenic maxillary sinusitis
  • polyps located on the maxillary sinus
  • various types of injuries, including the most common fractures
  • cysts of the sinus and jaw, penetrating into the sinus

Course of procedures

The procedure is performed under a general anaesthesia. The opening of the sinus is obtained through accessing it by the jaw in the canine fossa, after harvesting the oral mucosa in the area operated.

This procedure allows the operator to evaluate and remove lesions from the sinus.

After the operation

After the treatment, the patient usually stays in the ward a few days.

After the operation, in order to alleviate pain and accelerate return to health, the following solutions are used:

  • cold compresses on the cheek (mainly aimed at reducing oedema)
  • flushing the maxillary sinus
  • antibiotic therapy
  • analgesic treatment.

After discharge you should follow all the physician’s instructions given before discharging. Medical checks are also necessary.


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