Surgical treatment of mandibular prognathism

Mandibular prognathism is a congenital malocclusion. It is characterised by overgrowth of the mandible and the extension of the shaft – it manifests with an excessive protrusion of the beard.

Mandibular prognathism is a genetic defect, detected at an early stage it is possible to treat non-invasively. In further stages orthodontic treatment is not effective, and a person struggling with mandibular prognathism qualifies for surgical procedure.

Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment of mandibular prognathism is preceded by the orthodontic treatment, which can last even up to two years. Orthodontist aligns teeth in such a way that it is possible to properly set both jaws together during the procedure being performed.

Surgical treatment is the only way to completely cure mandibular prognathism.

The treatment plan is usually determined by three specialists: orthodontist, surgeon and prosthetist, who choose and decide on the most appropriate method of treatment. Depending on the defect, operation is performed not only on the mandibula, but also on the upper jaw, which quite often is not fully developed.


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