MAVIT MC has the largest in Poland experience in performing femtoLASIK procedures – the Centre introduced this method as the first in Poland, at the beginning of 2008.

In order to reduce the need to wear reading glasses in patients over 40 years of age, who want to undergo a visual impairment laser correction, the method of LBV with micro-monovision was introduced!

Since 2013, we have been performing Flex and Smile procedures, which we began to perform also as the first in Poland. We have the most experience in performing laser correction procedures using the methods introduced to the market. The first procedure using Smile method was performed in late 2013, up to date we performed more than 300 procedures using this technique.

ReLEx® Smile (Refractive Lenticule Extraction – Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is the most modern method of laser correction of myopia and myopic astigmatism. This method is distinguished by performance precision, single stage and minimised risk of complications. With this method, it is not necessary to create the corneal flap, and only the femtosecond laser is used for the procedure.

One stage, one laser

The laser correction procedure is performed with only a single femtosecond laser. This implies a much lower dependence on various environmental factors.

Less post-operative pain

No need for removing the epithelium – thereby eliminating post-operative pain, which is associated with removal of the epithelium.

Less symptoms of dry eye syndrome

With this method there is a little effect on the nerves of the superficial corneal plexus, and significantly less symptoms of dry eye syndrome occur after the procedure.

Reduced risk of ectasia

A biomechanical stability of the cornea is only slightly impaired after the procedure, thereby significantly reducing the risk of secondary corneal thinning (ectasia).

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