Safety and accuracy

The effectiveness of laser vision correction procedures is estimated to be around 98%*. Therefore, the percentage of possible reoperations is very small. Physicians at MAVIT MC pay particular attention to the process of qualification.

More frequent, but transient in most cases, are the side effects: increased dryness and sensitivity to light, accommodation disturbances, decreased contrast and poorer mesopic vision.

Rarely occur complications giving a permanent vision impairment: unidentified infection, haziness, reduced sense of contrast, poorer mesopic vision, corneal ectasia. Physicians consciously take responsibility for the procedures performed. In addition, at MAVIT MC removal of residual defect after laser correction (re-correction) within 24 months after the procedure is free.

*data from surveys of satisfaction and the number of completed re-corrections

The key to success is:

  • careful pre-operative diagnostics – exclusion of abortifacient forms of diseases, e.g. keratoconus
  • stabilised vision impairment in persons qualified for the procedure
  • patient’s good health and proper motivation for the procedure
  • continuous improvement of qualifications by an operative team and the maintenance of high standards, control of parameters by the team performing procedures
  • constant monitoring during convalescence, minimising threats – a specific intra- and post-operative regime
  • used equipment

The procedures are performed with lasers of the latest generation.

Excimer laser MEL-80®:

Excimer laser MEL-80®
Excimer laser MEL-80®

  • allows correction of vision impairments
  • high frequency ensures maximum reduction in duration of the procedure
  • small diameter of the laser beam affects the accuracy of the correction performed
  • is equipped with a very fast (frequency > 1kHz) system of tracking the alignment of the eye ball – automatically locates the pupil
  • along with laser we use an aberrometric and topographic platform providing a full profile diagnostics, especially useful in people with astigmatism

Femtosecond laser VisuMax®:

Femtosecond laser VisuMax®
Femtosecond laser VisuMax®

  • frequency of the laser allows for more accurate, faster and safer creation of the flap
  • thanks to the speed and precision of operation, it provides a shorter duration of the procedure and increased patient’s safety
  • this is a new generation laser that replaces microkeratome in the process of creation of the corneal flap – in conjunction with the excimer laser allows performing laser vision correction procedures using the method
  • allows performing procedures using the latest method


CRS-MASTER® in combination with the excimer laser constitute the world’s most advanced tools for the process of planning customised (tailored) vision impairment correction. This unique system allows to plan and perform personalised procedure of the correction of complex – the spherical-cylindrical vision impairments. It uses both topographic and aberrometric data.

It is equipped with OcuLign system – automatically recording the location of the eye ball during the procedure, which increases the precision of the operations performed.

In addition, in some cases the platform allows the use of a special tissue-saving profile.

The physician has full control over the laser. During the procedure of laser vision correction at MAVIT MC there is always present a medical equipment engineer, who supervises the proper operation of lasers.

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