Minor procedures

At MAVIT MC we perform procedures involving the eye superficial structure and the adnexa.

We deal with:

  • Correction of disorders of the position of the eyelids and orbital tissues: ectropion, entropion, plastics of the eyelids.
  • Removal of acquired lesions of the eyelids: chalazions, atheromas, papillomas, cysts, xanthelasmas, mollusca contagiosa, cutaneous horns and skin neoplastic lesions (with the histopathological examination).
  • Removal of pterygium with the conjunctival lamellar transplant, removal of birthmarks and conjunctival degenerative lesions (with the histopathological examination).

Procedures are preceded by a qualifying examination, they are performed in one-day mode in the operating room. The patient is also covered with post-operative care, without a need for an overnight stay in hospital.

Warsaw Bielany:


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