Children’s ophthalmology includes prevention, early diagnostics and treatment of eye diseases. Our goal is to provide the youngest patients professional eye care.

Ophthalmic care of premature children

Prematurity has a huge impact on the development of the child’s vision, and therefore premature children, in whom no serious ailments were observed after birth, should be surrounded with a special ophthalmic care. It is recommended that all children born prematurely were additionally examined in the 1st year of life. It is important to early detect a vision impairment, amblyopia, squint, nystagmus, in order to quickly begin an appropriate treatment.

Within the care of children born prematurely MAVIT MC offers:

  • evaluation of visual acuity for both far and near vision, evaluation of contrast sensitivity, evaluation of colour vision, range of movability of the eye balls, evaluation of spatial vision
  • detection of possible vision impairments
  • detection and treatment of amblyopia
  • examination for squint
  • detection of and counselling in cases of vision disorders in neurological damages.

Contact lenses for children

Medical indications for children to wear contact lenses may be: a large difference in the impairment between one and the other eye, amblyopia, high vision impairment. The decision on the choice of this method of correcting refraction impairment is made by an ophthalmologist, after evaluation of the child’s attitude and his maturity – the little patient’s knowledge how to maintain a proper hygiene when wearing lenses is important.

During the visit, a physician evaluates the visual functions and the condition of the anterior segment of the eye, then performs measurements: refractometry and keratometry, as well as measurement of the intraocular pressure. During the visit, there is also evaluated the fundus of the eye, including the optic disk. Next, matching and evaluation of test lenses are performed. An ophthalmologist also conducts a course on the use of contact lenses: placing, removing, caring.

Optical aids for the visually impaired

Optical aids are optical instruments and devices for people, whose visual acuity cannot be improved by wearing eye glasses.

Optical aids include: magnifiers, monoculars, magnifying eye glasses, binocular eye glasses, electronic magnifiers and other accessories to facilitate reading, moving around or watching television, as well as to facilitate the functioning in everyday life.

Any optical aid is selected individually for each patient. Its type and magnification is conditioned with the patient’s visual acuity and his needs (aid for reading, writing, watching television, etc.).

In the facilities of MAVIT Medical Centre we provide children of all ages with medical care. We offer: evaluation of the construction of the eye ball with a direct and indirect ocular speculum, evaluation of pupil reaction, following the light, evaluation of the seating, alignment and movability of the eye balls, evaluation of anterior and posterior segment of the eye, evaluation of the construction of the eye ball in a slit lamp, evaluation of pupil reaction, evaluation of seating, evaluation of alignment and movability of the eye balls, evaluation of colour vision, selection of contact lenses, selection of optical aids for the visually impaired.

Our doctors make every effort to ensure that the youngest patients receive expert and professional help. We perform the examinations:

  • on synoptophore (angles of the squint, degrees of binocular vision)
  • visual acuity
  • intraocular pressure
  • binocular vision
  • visual acuity for far and near vision.

We qualify patients for orthoptic and pleoptic exercises. We perform:

  • treatment of amblyopia (pleoptic exercises)
  • treatment of disorders of binocular vision (orthoptic exercises)
  • rehabilitation exercises of the locomotor system of the eyes before and after the procedure in various types of squint
  • exercises of simultaneous perception
  • exercises of fusion range
  • exercises of movability of muscles of the eye balls
  • exercises of convergence (convergence of the eyes).

Doktors at MAVIT MC approach each child individually. Perfectly prepared to work with children medical staff and the most advanced equipment for diagnostics of ophthalmic diseases allow to perform examinations even in non-cooperating children.

At MAVIT MC Specialised Hospital in Katowice we also offer:

  • surgical treatment of diseases and defects of the eyelids (inflammations, nodules, ptosis)
  • surgical treatment of diseases of the lens (congenital and acquired cataract)
  • surgical treatment of the retina (retinal detachment, post-inflammatory conditions)
  • treatment of failure of the lacrimal ducts (conservative and surgical treatment)
  • treatment of inflammations of the anterior segment of the eye.

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