X-ray pictures

We offer a modern radiographic diagnostics in the field of images osteo-articular, spinal, thoracic, abdominal radiograms, as well as point images of the teeth and panoramic images of the upper jaw and mandibula.

We provide:

  • short time of waiting for the results (5 minutes)
  • images recorded on a CD with software enabling a physician performance of measurements, magnification of the image (optional X-ray printing)
  • a very low dose of radiation, safe for children and youth (twice less in comparison with analogic apparatuses, four times lower in the case of radiovisiography)
  • archiving examinations on the hard disk, enabling to make an additional copy at any time

Images are made on the following apparatuses:

  • point images of the teeth - radiovisiography (RVG) - digital radiograph
  • panoramic images - digital panoramic radiograph
  • osteo-pulmonary images 

Keeping a modern radiodiagnostic laboratory also gives us the opportunity to comprehensively treat our patients in the field of maxillofacial surgery and laryngology. Operation of the laboratory at our hospital allows to shorten the time of diagnosis and speed up the healing process.

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