Specialized Hospital Medical Center MAVIT in Warsaw

The Specialixed Hospital Medical Center MAVIT in Warsaw Bielany is one of the largest private ophthalmic hospitals in Poland. We offer comprehensive ophthalmic care including a full range of laser vision correction, eye correction using phakic lenses, cataract treatment with premium lens implantation, glaucoma treatment, AMD, we also perform vitrectomy operations. CM MAVIT, as the first center in Poland, introduced the use of the revolutionary method of vision correction FemtoLASIK. In the facility from 2013, the most innovative vision correction procedure is performed using the third generation method - ReLEx® Smile (approved by the US Naval Medicine Physicians). The introduction of these solutions was possible thanks to the purchase of excel lasers MEL® 80 and femtosecond VisuMax® by Carl Zeiss Meditec.
The center provides services both commercially and as part of an agreement with the NFZ.

The CM MAVIT hospital in Warsaw was recognized as the best private center in the field of Ophthalmology, according to the ranking of the "Wprost" hospitals in 2018 and 2017.
At MAVIT Medical Centre Specialised Hospital in Warsaw we admit patients from Monday to Friday at 8:00-20:00 hours, and on Saturdays at 8:00-15:00 hours.



We provide services in the field of modern ophthalmology in the framework of commercial services and under the contract with the National Health Fund (hospital treatment).

Services under the contract with the National Health Fund:

  • Cataract surgeries
  • Glaucoma surgeries
  • Surgeries of removing cataract and glaucoma
  • Treatment of exudative AMD
  • Vitreoctomy surgeries
  • Ophthalmic minor surgeries
  •  Laser therapy.
A list of commercial services is in the price list.

Equipment and innovativeness

MAVIT MC Specialised Hospital in Warsaw has the latest generation of lasers for vision impairment correction. As a result, we have at the Hospital, as a pioneer in Poland, innovative methods of laser vision impairment correction.

In 2015, the Hospital in Warsaw was equipped with the Ellex laser designed to perform vitreolysis. Specialists at the Hospital in Warsaw started the procedures for treatment of floaters in the vitreous body with this device.

In 2016, two modern Alcon devices were launched in the hospital: VERION ™ Image Guided System and Centurion® Vision System for planning and performing cataract surgery.

Since 2017, at the Hospital in Warsaw, as one of the few centers in Poland, the most modern intraocular second generation multifocal lens - AcrySof® IQ PanOptix® Toric - is proposed for implantation during cataract surgery. This implant was designed to provide people after cataract surgery a very good vision not only from near and far, but also from an intermediate distance - the most convenient to perform many everyday activities, such as work at the computer or reading. Detailed information on the modern lens: The new PanOptix® Toric intraocular lens available in CM MAVIT.

Blok operacyjny:

  • System operacyjny ALCON CONSTELLATION
  • VERION™ Image Guided System
  • Centurion® Vision System
  • Fakoemulsyfikatory ALCON INFINITI
  • Mikroskop operacyjny ZEISS LUMERA 700
  • Mikroskop operacyjny Moller-Wedel Hi-R900
  • Oftalmoskop operacyjny Moller-Wedel EIBOS2
  • Mikroskop operacyjny ZEISS VISU 150
  • Monitory pacjenta GE EAGLE 4000
  • Monitor pacjenta EDAN M9B INSTRUMENTS
  • Monitor pacjenta CRITICARE NCOMPASS 8100H
  • Kardiomonitor Datex-OHMEDA CARDICAP/5
  • Aparat do znieczulenia ogólnego PENLON PRIMA SP102 (z kardiomonitorem CRITICARE NCOMPASS 8100) 
  • Pulsoksymetr transportowy ręczny BIOLIGHT MEDITECH M700
  • Monitor oceny stopnia zwiotczenia EZSTIM II
  • Defibrylator ZOOL M
  • Stół operacyjny BRUMABA GENIUS
  • Stół operacyjny BRUMABA PRIMUS
  • Fotel zabiegowy DEXTA
  • Ssak operacujny ATMOS C451
  • Ssak elektryczny MEDELA VARIO 18AC
  • Lampa szczelinowa NIDEK SL-1600 
  • Aparat elektrochirurgiczny EMED ES120
  • Podgrzewacz płynów infuzyjnych ANIMEC AM-25
  • Pompa infuzyjna ASCOR AP-12
  • Pompa infuzyjna ASCOR AP-22
  • Pompa infuzyjna AITECS 2015
  • Oświetlacz światłowodowy ILUMIN
  • Sterylizatory parowe GETINGE K7+
  • Sterylizator parowy GETINGE K5+
  • Myjki ultradźwiękowe, destylarka
  • Laser femtosekundowy VISUMAX
  • Laser excimerowy MEL-80
  • Mikrokeratom AMADEUS II
  • Mikrokeratom MORIA EVOLUTION 3E
  • Lampa do crosslinkingu LIGHTMED LIGHTLINK CX L
  • Pachymetr ultradźwiękowy TOMEY SP-3000
  • Sterylizator parowy STATIM 5000
  • Sterylizator parowy EXTREMA MOCOM PLUS
  • Myjka ultradźwiękowa POLSONIC SONIC-6
Część diagnostyczno-zabiegowa:

  • Platforma diagnostyczna ZEISS MEDITEC CRS-MASTER  (CRS-MASTER (TWIN LINE))
  • Automatyczny system optometryczny z foropterem NIDEK RT-2100 
  • Automatyczny system optometryczny z foropterem NIDEK RT-5100 
  • Autorefraktometry NIDEK ARK-530A 
  • Autorefraktometry NIDEK ARK-560A
  • Autokeratorefraktometry NIDEK ARK 1A
  • Tonometry bezkontaktowe NIDEK NT-530
  • Tonometry aplanacyjne ZEISS AT-020
  • Lampy szczelinowe ZEISS SL-115
  • Kamera do lampy szczelinowej ZEISS SL cam. 5.0
  • Videokeratograf OCULUS 70515
  • Pentacam OCULUS HR
  • Mikroskop konfokalny NIDEK CONFOSCAN CS-4
  • Mikroskop spekularny CEM-530
  • Ultrasonograf okulistyczny Quantel Aviso
  • USG projekcja A SONOMED VUMAX II
  • Optyczny koherentny tomograf (OCT) OTI 
  • Optyczny koherentny tomograf ZEISS Cirrus 5000
  • Synoptofor OCULUS 58100 
  • Rzutnik optotypów NIDEK CP-670
  • Rzutnik optotypów NIDEK CP-690
  • Rzutniki optotypów NIDEK CP-770T
  • Dioptromierz NIDEK LM-500
  • Dioptromierz NIDEK LM-1200
  • Kamery FUNDUS ZEISS FF450 z systemem cyfrowej archiwizacji obrazów
  • Polomierz ZEISS HUMPHREY 745
  • Polomierz ZEISS HUMPHREY 720I
  • Laser do witreolizy ELLEX ULTRAQ REFLEX
  • Laser YAG NIDEK YC-1600
  • Bezkontaktowe biometry IOL MASTER ZEISS
  • Pachymetr ultradźwiękowy TOMEY SP-3000
  • Pachymetr okulistyczny z biometrią ALCON OCUSCAN 
  • Mikroskop spekularny TOPCON SP-2000
  • Oftalmometr JAVALA OMTE-1
  • Wzierniki, kasety ze szkłami i inne
  • Polomierz ZEISS MATRIX 800
  • Angio-OCT ZEISS Cirrus 5000
  • Tonometr OCULUS Corvis® ST
  • Jett Plasma Lift Medical

Access to the Hospital

To facilitate access to physicians, and thereby improve handling of patients, we introduced separate registration points for patients treated under the contract with the National Health Fund (Entry A) and for commercial patients (Entry B). Registration, to which the patient should report, is confirmed by telephone.